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sandy wrote at 2008-04-16 15:46:06
I've had problems with an ibd cat for 9 years.  My cat, Kevin, was a feral cat that was pretty much banned from the vet for bad behavior.   Aside from steroids when he was vomiting blood, or pooping blood,  I've had to try to "cure" him on my own.  For him,  and for my first cat who passed away from a stomach ailment, Science Diet dry food, RX or regular NEVER WORKED and they hated it!  I've tried nearly every brand available.  Last year I discovered Blue Spa Select Sensitive Skin with Turkey and Brown Rice.  He no longer throws up or gets bloody diarrhea, and he quit chewing off his fur on his legs and stomach, and of course, he is NOT on any medication.  I don't know if it is because of the probiotics or just the other ingredients or lack of certain ingredients, but I've been letting him have some other canned foods and treats that my other two cats get, and he's fine!  I never was able to do that before.  By the way, he was not able to handle Wellness dry, or Natural Balance venison canned when I tried them. In talking to a lot of people about this subject, I know it's an individual thing with cats, but I think the more natural products or premium products like California Natural would be great to try.  I've even been introducing Cal. Nat. with chicken and rice.  They think it's candy!  ...And I'm not getting an allergic response!  Good Luck!

Jami wrote at 2010-01-18 19:55:26
Hi Lauren,

I just wanted to add some extra advice. I have a cat who just started with some very bad liquid stool she had also stopped eating and drinking water a little over 2 weeks ago. I tried all kinds of food, wet and dry and she really didn't eat to much of anything what I found out is she wouldn't eat the same food day after day I took her to the vet of course as well. I highly encourage you to get an ultra sound to see whats gooing on, in my area it cost me a little over 300 dollars. However it was worth it (I spent over 700 for blood tests, different stool tests (one test tested for DNA (it tested many types of dieases/ viruses etc..). It was worth the $135 just for that. She has cornavirus (Sp?) and something-something Enterotoxins (sp?). After spending 700 bucks not including the hundred worth of different types of foods etc.. She still didn't get better. I went with my vets advice and did the Ultra-sound. He said with her syptoms (which this went on for 2 weeks), that it could be a tumor or IBD or other things. Well, today we did the ultra-sound and her  galbladder is very inflammed, liver and pancreas are also inflammed plus her small intestine is inflammed- this means she has IBD!!!!

She got the something-something Enterotoxin and Cornavirus FROM THE IBD and inflammed pancreas, liver and galbladder. With all symptoms combined it's no wonder she is very ill!!!

She needs a special diet and needs some anti-inflamatory drugs. She is on 3 different anti-bitotics which are SLOWLY but SURELY helping and tody we are starting the anti-inflamotory drug. She may also have an allergy and this needs a special food. We are starting her on rabbit food. Natures Variety/ Instinct makes rabbit type cat food. The funny thing is I bought the wet food yesterday and she ate just about the WHOLE CAN! Which is more then she has eaten in 2 weeks! She loves it!

You can also give your cat some pedia-lite to help with her not getting dehyrated, I put some in Macie's water and also syringe feed it to her. There is also something called Nutri- Cal which is a thick brown paste which is very high in calroies and everytihng.

Start to mix the new food in wiiht the old, also put some warm water in the bowl to make the flavors and smell more intiscing. giver her time to get used to it. She will, Macie is doing a little better each day and we are hopeful she will fully recover in a few weeks.

But I would suggest doing the ultrasound and keeping her on the cat rabbit food.

Good Luck. Hope she gets better- sorry for all the bad spelling mistakes!

KH wrote at 2010-08-11 23:04:55
Hello Lauren,

You're lucky! Your cat is absolutely genetically normal. You just have to make an effort and cook for her the real food. You can buy an inexpensive fish and boil it for her. I think everybody forgot that animals eat the same food with people. No wonder cats are voimiting from the "cats food" that people buying for them in the stores.

I will not be surprised if my answer will not be published.

Lilu's Mom wrote at 2012-12-19 21:17:00

I am so thrilled for you that the dis-ease was IBS.  My Lilu was exhibiting the same if not worst symptoms and after getting her to the "right" specialist, a 1.8 cm mass was discovered in her stomach.  We're still awaiting the results of the biopsy, but the doctor is not hopeful.  He thinks the mass is too large for surgery and even with chemo treatments, he only anticipates 6 months remaining with her.  But I'm not giving up.  I'm looking for help from the holistic/integrative field in hopes that we can prove him wrong.  I won't let her suffer just to keep her with me, but as long as she's here I want her to have a great quality of life.  So give your baby an extra squeeze from me.  Happy Holydays to you all.


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