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Sad Cat Owner wrote at 2010-08-17 12:42:12
To add to the answer to Lorraine. My two 11 year old cats have only eaten Hills dry food with the occasional Hills tinned for a treat, as per breeder and vet instruction. One now has pancreatitus and the other urinary & kidney problems. The vet solution is to continue to feed only Hills but specialist prescription dry and sachet food at vast expense. The vet says my poor cats are too late to swap to a raw meat diet after 11 years on Hills. I'm heartbroken that I've done wrong for my loved ones when I thought I was doing the best.

Kittymotts' Mum wrote at 2010-09-12 08:16:34
I also have been "unkind" albeit unwittingly, feeding my cats some soft foods but with Hills as staple.  Kittymott is now 11 and has been suffering from severe pancreatitis for one year.  The vet, again suggested a Hills product.  I have been persevering with this in the belief that I was doing the right thing. She also said that giving honey would do no harm, but, having read that she should avoid sugars, I wonder if that is a mistake. I had bought her Manuka honey.  Today, she will begin having raw chicken and mince added in.  Hopefully, she will then stop sneaking in to clear up the last morsels her housemates have left in their dishes.  It is heartbreaking to know she is hungry, but does not want the food we were told was good for her, and can not have what the others eat.  

Jules wrote at 2010-12-15 21:42:11
I have a cat with pancreatitis and he almost died after the first episode - after several "attacks" after the initial one my vet recommended that we go an experimental route- Viokase powder which I believe is widely used in Dogs with pancreatitis but is experimental in cats. It is basically a powder digestive enzyme that I mix in with his soft food twice a day.  We tried it 2yrs ago and it works great! No more episodes - I can tell when he feels a little down (since the problem never fully goes away) but this has made the world of difference for my cat!!!  Good luck! I hope this helps.

Tigrella wrote at 2013-07-14 14:26:02
We adopted a 3yr old cat from our local rescue centre in February 2013, and we continued feeding her on Whiskas and biscuits that she'd had at the cat's home.  Two weeks later, she was unwell and given a diagnosis of pancreatitis. The vet recommended Royal Canin, which they sell, but despite following the vets instructions, she continued to have episodes. The woman who had left her with the cat's home had been feeding her mainly on chicken, so in April,  I gave up with the commercial food and the conventional vet, and put her back on a chicken diet. I also arranged an appointment with a local holistic vet, who prescribed homeopathic iris versicolor drops and helped me transition her to a raw diet with an added supplement. Since giving up commercial food, she has had a few off-colour days, but only one which followed the usual pattern of pancreatitis symptoms (and I'm 90% sure she ate lunch elsewhere that day!)

For the last four days, our cat has been tucking in to her first batch of raw minced whole chicken, venison and rabbit, with added chicken hearts and, so far, no problems. She loves the food and her fur feels fantastic.

Most of the conventional wisdom about treating pancreatitis seems to focus on fat consumption, so I was fascinated to read the original answer suggesting it's carbohydrates and sugars in commercial foods causing the problem. My cat was showing signs of food intolerance on commercial food as well as pancreatitis and I think a raw diet is now essential for her. The meats I've bought are still lower in fat than others, and she's no longer eating any carbs or sugars which are unnatural to a cat's digestive system.

No cat is too old to eat real food, although it make take some weeks to make the transition. If you have a cat with pancreatitis, it's really worth trying to make the change. Good luck to everyone trying to manage this condition. I really hope your cats improve.  

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