Cat Training and Behavior (Domestic and Feral)/Hissing at nothing?


Cassandra wrote at 2010-08-09 15:03:25
My cat does the same exact thing hisses and growls and there is nothing there. I dont know what to do about him doing this sometimes it really concerns me. It seems like he does it after a couple times moving into a new home after months pass he starts doing it and wont stop. I am concerned about him.

duchannah wrote at 2012-03-07 23:05:16
My cat hisses at nothing as well but not as if there is a threat. He has done it since he was about 3 months old, he is two now. He wakes up, jumps off the bed an hisses on his way out the door. Sometimes he just hisses on his way to lay down somewhere. I have come to the conclusion that he does it now because it pops his ears. He has been in many fights and always comes home with pretty heavy damage in his ears. This is just my cat though.

Cindy wrote at 2015-08-25 08:57:13
Hi Rex my lovely cat is doing the same thing. He always was a bit wild his mum went with a feral cat and she run off. When I got him he was only 7 months old, he will 5 next year. He growls and hisses at men I do know why as he has never been badly treated.  Now,  last week on Thursday he was running around growling and hissing then for a few days nothing he was back to normal I was worried. I called the vet who said that it could be a bladder problem which can be fatal I was really worried but he was fine in that department and he had a check up only two weeks ago now he is doing it again. I am taking him back to the vet. The vet told me there are number of reasons for the growling he could be  in pain.Although I have to say that a friend stayed over and felt something grab his leg in the spare room  and now he refuses to stay there now and my cat will not sleep in that room anymore he just stares into the room. All I am worried so I will be taking him to vet

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Since I was a child, over 45 years, I have been owned by a LOT of cats and kittens of almost every temperament, behavior, and personality. I have had experience with neurotic, disabled (including blind), stray, and 'problem child' cats and kittens. (A few normal cats too!) Plus all the things a lifetime of owning cats and research has taught me. I also have experience in feral cat behavior (which is different from domestic cats), and some experience with feral colonies that includes colony feeding and feral cat TNR (trap/neuter/release).


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