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rlegare wrote at 2008-10-28 03:17:26
I'm not sure if this suggestion is in anyway practical, but I have heard from the owners of puppies that squeezing some lemon juice into the animal's mouth when they are too vocal has helped. The most recent story, they used this technique twice, then only had to show the lemon and it got very quiet.

Bill wrote at 2009-12-16 23:55:36
Bengal cats do tend to love water but they are unrelated to Bengal Tigers, they are descended from the Asian Leopard Cat.

Alex wrote at 2009-12-24 00:54:02
This person who made the initial answer is an idiot.  Bengal cats are not closely related to the tiger.  Otherwise, what's the data?

Katia wrote at 2010-02-08 23:55:49

If you haven't already, I recommend that you find another home for your cat. Bengal cats require an enormous amount of attention, and no one with two young children will be able to care for the cat adequately. Your family and the poor cat will be happier. Next time try to do a better job of researching cat breeds.

Laiya, Bengals are not the only cats that can swim. Turkish Van cats are known for their love of swimming. Also, some Turkish Angoras also like to swim.

Bengals are not related to tigers any more than other domestic or hybrid housecats. They are descended from Asian Leopard Cats -- quite a different genus and species. See Wikipedia

I suggest you learn more about cats in general and Bengals in particular before presuming to offer other people advice.

Jason wrote at 2011-06-14 23:55:29
Ours is the exact same way as you are describing yours.  Very loud when he wants attention, also at night.  We use to squirt him with a water bottle but that does not work.  What I found is he is trying to call the cats from outside.  Sometimes I will hear the strays outside as well (not just when they are in heat either).  So what I have had to do grab him (before he gets to his bed which is his safe zone) and get him with the spay bottle to get the point accross.  If you don't have one, always give them a safe zone (one of their beds, or a cat scratcher), so they know if they make it there you stop spraying and will not pick them up under any circumstances.  Also, after that I close the door so that he does not have free rain of the house at night.  This has seemed to do the trick.  I have even heard the cats outside calling him, and he is now even quite through that with praise of course.  

Stacey wrote at 2012-02-23 15:25:06

First in regard to the previous answer, no Bengals are not related to Tigers in any way shape or form. They are hybrids of the Asian Leopard Cat. A similarity in affection for water does not mean they share common ancestry.

Second, as far as your pet, it sounds very similar to our 8 yr old Bengal. We've had him since he was able to leave his mother. He is extremely vocal, and I agree with you that letting him outside is not an option. Bengals though very intelligent have an insatiable curiosity & confidence which could get them into trouble unsupervised outdoors. If someone is home during the day, keep him awake. By any means possible. Playing with him, giving him outlets to use up energy & put him on your schedule. If you see him taking a nap or trying to curl up & be cozy - pick him up & place him elsewhere. It may seem cruel, (poor sleepy cat!) but after a few days being consistent it works wonders.

Good luck!  

PB wrote at 2012-10-28 20:28:38
That is a horrible response. Bengal cats are not ancestors of the Bengal tiger. Bengal cats are part Asian leopard and part tabby house cat. My Bengal cat does the same thing I've tried everything's exhausting.  

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