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Cat Training and Behavior (Domestic and Feral)/Suddenly trying to cross the street


William wrote at 2012-11-23 12:32:09
I have six cats, a young mother (two litters before spaying),a 13 year old Main Coon, and four 8 mo old kittens that act like adults and are crossing the street to get to a lake area.  So it isn't neighbor's food or companionship that is the lure for my cats. The Maine Coon isn't interested in crossing the street since she was always an indoor cat until about a year ago.  But the mother cat has always crossed the street and probably months ago, the kittens picked up and tracked her scent in curiosity to see what mom was up to.

The 8 mo old kittens were justed spayed and neutered and I'm guessing that they are looking for anything that moves since they daily present lizards and bugs at the door and the lake area must be full of fresh game.  

I have locked them in on the porch at night to stop them, but the bored look on their faces in the morning has made me rethink.  

To answer your question... it would be great to have a deterrent that activates when they get near the road but I haven't figured out how to make the deterrent selective and thus spare the mailman and visitors a big surprise.  I just noticed that amazon has CAT CROSSING SIGNS which could help.  

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Since I was a child, over 45 years, I have been owned by a LOT of cats and kittens of almost every temperament, behavior, and personality. I have had experience with neurotic, disabled (including blind), stray, and 'problem child' cats and kittens. (A few normal cats too!) Plus all the things a lifetime of owning cats and research has taught me. I also have experience in feral cat behavior (which is different from domestic cats), and some experience with feral colonies that includes colony feeding and feral cat TNR (trap/neuter/release).


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