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nicole wrote at 2012-12-30 04:50:23
I have 2 five month old kittens and only one does it. Sophie is a very affectionate cat and does this all the time she wil start by licking my face then walks overnto my shoulder and nibbles on my ear. It doesnt hirt but is annoying... her and her brother are very affectionate and they snuggle/play/eat/ do everything together so I dont understand why only one cat does it when they both came from the same place and have been together their whole lives. Sophie is more my suck than Enzo, but still dont understand why she does it

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Dear Tabbi


My expertise is in helping people understand their cat (or cats) and their behavior. Questions are welcome even if you don't have a cat....just a question about them. Hopefully my experience, suggestions, and comments will be of help to you...and your cat (or cats). Looking through my past responses to questions will give you additional information and/or answers too. Domestic Cats = cats (no matter what breed) who are tame or not wild, or abandoned cats who were pets that became wild, but can be tamed again. Ferals = cats who are born with one or more parents who were wild stray cats. They usually have had no interactions with people. They have an inbred distrust of humans and are difficult to socialize. They are skittish, hide, and are afraid of people. They take a lot of time and patience to work with them. A lot of kittens from shelters had a feral parent.


Since I was a child, over 45 years, I have been owned by a LOT of cats and kittens of almost every temperament, behavior, and personality. I have had experience with neurotic, disabled (including blind), stray, and 'problem child' cats and kittens. (A few normal cats too!) Plus all the things a lifetime of owning cats and research has taught me. I also have experience in feral cat behavior (which is different from domestic cats), and some experience with feral colonies that includes colony feeding and feral cat TNR (trap/neuter/release).


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