Cat Training and Behavior (Domestic and Feral)/Cat Keeps Running Away


TequilaMcFaden wrote at 2009-11-08 20:11:33
Could be the sibling thing... They want their own home.  I acquired sister cats that lived well enough together in an apartment for 3 years of their lives, but as soon at they got to my home one became very territorial and chased her sister away.  Luckily my neighbour wanted the sister - so now the cats just glare at each other from across the fence.  My little cat is very territorial and doesn't make freinds with any cat or dog, where the bigger sister cat next store is very cool with other animals but not so interested in humans.  They have been here for 8 years.

jessica wrote at 2010-02-23 12:47:07
Hi There, I am having the exact same problem with my cat, and after doing a lot of research have come up with the following, firstly I wanted to know what triggered the behaviour, and secondly how to stop it. I have been to a number of vets, holistic practitioners and behaviiural therapists, and basically the outcome is that this is a stress/ anxiety manifestation, cats that do this have low self esteem, and feel displaced by either the other cat/s in the house, or by a roving cat, and this streses them, they like to be outside and not confined, so they removethemselves from the stressful situation. If one more person tells me to accept it and give food for the cat to the person/house cat keeps going to I will scream!!! The solutions are to reduce the cats stress, and lower or remove the anxiety. Obviously getting rid of the other cat is not an option, you will have to intervene, I was told to get feliway spray, this is a spray that smells great to cats, its a synthetic pheremone, calming them, this you can spray in the cats sleeping palace to calm them, and on the cat that is worrying them to make it less threatening to stressed cat, also I got Bach Flower remedy drops - herbal remedy for insecurity, either put in cats water or food, but to ensure that cat takes them put 1-2 drops on the thin skin inside their ears for best absorption, but Not In the ear canal, this does take a while to work and ypu have to give the cat reassurance and as much one on one petting and attention as you cam, failing this there is an anti anxiety med ( for humans but used for cats a lot) called Buspirone that is used frequently if cats are anxious and soil in doors , but it can alkso be used for cases like ours, if your vet doesnt know about it look up on line and see Dr N Dodmans book " The cat who cried for help". I hope this helps, I am having a battle and everyone tells me ypu cant make an independat creature like a cat stay if it dosnt want to, but my cat was so loving, and this is so sudden I cant just let her run away. Good luck and keep perservering.

Jenny wrote at 2012-11-16 12:58:25

Just seen this as Im trying to find out why my male cat is doing the same! Did your cat ever come back?? Thanks, Jen  

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