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Cat Training and Behavior (Domestic and Feral)/I mistreated my cat, and now I want her tame again.


Justin wrote at 2012-01-17 03:43:37
Look, the man made a mistake and you bashed him at least 18 times about his action. The question was how to regain his cats trust; it did not ask you to chime in on what you think of him or give him guidance or counseling on how to change. As much as you love to hear yourself talk it would be wise for you to take a good hard look at yourself. As a psychology

Major it is quite obvious you got some control problems prevelent in your life likely a family member abusing you in this way. Don't take your feelings from personal abuse and impose them on someone else.  

Jujugoes wrote at 2012-10-02 14:12:58
Abdul--I sort of like what the 'expert' said and I would indeed encourage you to attend anger management classes and/or counseling to help you deal with some of the anger and poor impulse control you seem to exhibit. However, I also think that the answer you received was a bit too stern. I mean, you obviously knew you'd done wrong and you were brave enough to admit that and to seek help to correct that. I wonder though-you were asking is this possible to win back her trust or is it not? What if your answer had been-'nope-give up, your cat will never be cuddly and affectionate?" Were you asking so you would know for sure if you had to get rid of the cat? I mean, I'm just trying to ascertain what your purpose in asking was. Why not just stop with YOUR expectations and just let the cat be? Work on being stable and consistent. Feed, shelter and water that cat. Keep clean litter boxes and clean food dishes for your cats. Speak in a soft and soothing voice. Do not try to catch her or make her do anything-just let her be. And then Abdul, accept whatever she gives in return, even if it is a big, fat zero. She is acting instinctively. Animals are instinctual and right now, her instincts are telling her to lay low and head for the hills at the first sign of trouble. Deal with it. I understand being bitten and scratched, it's shocking and you had no time to really think about your actions, but it's concerning that those first actions were physical violence. Not knowing that the vet's visit is stressful for any animal and then expecting to pluck her out of her carrier and just have her love and adore you kinda tells me you don't know cats very well. And if you missed her signals, that's on you, sir. Cats forecast when it's time to quit petting them, when play time is over, when they don't like being petted in a certain area such as their tummy, etc. Not all cats are the same-every cat has to be met right where they are. Be selfless, be unconditional--and see how much more your cats, other animals and every human you meet will like you. And good luck. Don't give up, regardless of what any so-called 'expert' tells you.  

Stan wrote at 2013-03-10 20:00:13
I think that the so-called expert needs help herself. Shanti Zinzi - you will scare a lot of people. I think you have deep-seated issues and you feel better to bash someone instead of giving them concrete advise.

Shanti Zinzi must go back to the country she came from!!

disappointing read!

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