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Cat Training and Behavior (Domestic and Feral)/Our cat attacks my wife every night


Patrick wrote at 2016-04-21 03:56:33
I wanted to state that the rough play that was told that caused this, is not alwayd the case I have the same problem with one of my cats , she only attacks my wife at random, and no one else, they are treated very well have cat trees and toys. They recieve daily effection and pets. The kitty will just all of a sudden bite or scratch at my wife, then go sit somewhere else for a bitx then she is back to normal, I can pick her up hold her, and even enjoy time on my lap, same with my wife but with the side effect of random attacking. So I wanted to put out there as maybe to your situation it was due to playing with your hands with the cat, but this kitty plays with toys and has everything she needs and is not abused.

Cat Training and Behavior (Domestic and Feral)

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