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We have a cat (about 6 months old).  When we first got her, we kept her inside and she had a litter box as she was too little to let out.  As she got older, we trained her to go outside (as we've done with every other cat we've had).  She has decided to use the deck as her bathroom!!  We have a yard full of dirt for her to use like a normal cat would, but yet chooses to climb 25 feet up to go on the surface of the deck.  Short of getting rid of her, is there anything we can do as it is very disgusting to have piles of poop all over the place as well as sitting in the hottub having to smell it!!

Well, first I'll let you that not all cats will be alike, which I know you've realized.

But a couple things you could try is using a deterent where you don't want her to go as well as placing litter boxes outside temporarily to giude her that you want her to be going outside to go to the bathroom. It sounds like she would rather be inside and the patio is the next best place.

Have you considered simply allowing her to be inside? But I definitely wouldn' call it a reason to rehome her.

Let me know how things go and anything else I can answer for you.

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Melissa Burg, RVT/Behavior Consultant


I have experience dealing with different cat behavior signs, including separation anxiety, possible aggression and the difference between fear aggression and actual aggression, this would include possible feral cats. I also am familiar with the several different approaches to introducing a new cat to the environment as well as how each cat or cat and dog and live comfortable and dealing with litter box issues and help you decide if the problem is medical or behavioral.


My experience began with my own cats and escalated while working with area animal shelters for the past 10 years. I was able to watch and learn how the cats would react to different stimulus and each other. My experience grew during college and became able to distinguish between medical and behavior issues.

"Pawfect Pets," a weekly column in my local newspaper with pet health and behavior and training tips.

I graduated with an Associate's in Veterinary Technology in 2009 and became RVT in the state of Iowa in 2012 with a focus on Behavior.

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