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How can i stop my cats scratching the wallpaper? I have 5 cats and the younger one age 3 started this and now the others do it. I have 4 scratching posts which they use. The area they scratch is by the front door (no scratching post) when they want to go out The wallpaper needs replacing BUT I want to stop it happening again with new wallpaper

I'm not going to lie, this is a trial and error case because every cat responds differently to different approaches. There are a nunmber of things you can do. One is keep a spray bottle on hand and spray them each and every time you catch them. Another is toss a loud toy or make a loud noise that basically scares them from doing it again.

I always recommend a product called soft claws, which are plastic caps that are glued temporarily to the claw so they cannot scratch. There is also certain scents that cats hate that you can spray on the area to deter them such as bitter orange or bitter apple. Have you tried placing one of the scratching posts in the middle of the area they are scratching the wallpaper to give them a reminder that that is what it's here for? You can also place the food and water in that area. Cats will scratch as a sign of claiming their territory and we need to find common ground between you and them.

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Melissa Burg, RVT/Behavior Consultant


I have experience dealing with different cat behavior signs, including separation anxiety, possible aggression and the difference between fear aggression and actual aggression, this would include possible feral cats. I also am familiar with the several different approaches to introducing a new cat to the environment as well as how each cat or cat and dog and live comfortable and dealing with litter box issues and help you decide if the problem is medical or behavioral.


My experience began with my own cats and escalated while working with area animal shelters for the past 10 years. I was able to watch and learn how the cats would react to different stimulus and each other. My experience grew during college and became able to distinguish between medical and behavior issues.

"Pawfect Pets," a weekly column in my local newspaper with pet health and behavior and training tips.

I graduated with an Associate's in Veterinary Technology in 2009 and became RVT in the state of Iowa in 2012 with a focus on Behavior.

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