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One of our kitties born May 5, 2012 so about 6 months old, has been fairly aloof, and now is accepting and wanting attention more than ever. Coincidentally we just "lost" one of her siblings which may or may not have anything to do with it. If this behavior change is due to her being in heat, and we give her all the loves an snuggles she could ever want, will she revert to being on the aloof side when her heat is over, or when we get her spayed?


When a female is in heat, she will experience behavior changes including being more "needy" and craving attention. I recommend having her spayed as soon as possible, in addition for the reason as to not having any unaccepted litters as well as stray intact males around that will begin to "mark" and cause other unwanted problems.  

Cat Training and Behavior (Domestic and Feral)

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Melissa Burg, RVT/Behavior Consultant


I have experience dealing with different cat behavior signs, including separation anxiety, possible aggression and the difference between fear aggression and actual aggression, this would include possible feral cats. I also am familiar with the several different approaches to introducing a new cat to the environment as well as how each cat or cat and dog and live comfortable and dealing with litter box issues and help you decide if the problem is medical or behavioral.


My experience began with my own cats and escalated while working with area animal shelters for the past 10 years. I was able to watch and learn how the cats would react to different stimulus and each other. My experience grew during college and became able to distinguish between medical and behavior issues.

"Pawfect Pets," a weekly column in my local newspaper with pet health and behavior and training tips.

I graduated with an Associate's in Veterinary Technology in 2009 and became RVT in the state of Iowa in 2012 with a focus on Behavior.

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