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justdragoneye wrote at 2010-02-27 13:44:12
There are websites that ACCURATELY descibe the purring process. It obviously involves a throat reaction, but my cat does the same "coughing" thing without purring first. She was a year-old stray from some pretty mean streets when I got her, and at first, I thought it was hairball hacking. But she didn't spew anything. I definitely recommend a vet visit. Cats are notorious for being susceptible to upper respiratory problems. I'm not a vet, btw, just trying to be informative.

Joyous1 wrote at 2011-05-07 00:42:04
My one yr old Ragdoll does the same thing,..he is in perfect health, so signs of illness, no furballs. but when he lays on my lap, usually upside down or sideways, he purrs then after about 10-30 sec, he like gags, chokes and almost sneezes. He is NOT ill no signs of URI. Only happens in the above situation. He is Vet checked all shots..etc (not discussed with my Vet yet , due for  1 yrs appts next month.

joistkk wrote at 2011-09-16 00:34:47
My Ragdoll (1.5 yrs old) does the same thing..I was also worried so I discussed it with my Vet..he confirmed what most of us expected. He is purring so hard and loud that it interferes with normal breathing....and he gags a little. Thanks:)

Patmsr43 wrote at 2014-09-09 12:12:14
My cat is six years old he's a bit overweight and he does the same thing. He's been coughing now for a while. Had x-rays bloodwork and they determine they think he has allergies. I've read it's more common than I thought so I'm not freaking out. But I do take him to the vet every couple weeks to listen to his heart and lungs so far sound normal. I'm pretty sure it's allergies.

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