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Princessg204437 wrote at 2015-07-05 15:30:58
Sal, this is the best answer I have read so far.  I have had strange supernatural experiences since the fall of 2012.  My young daughter handed me her Bible after Easter church service and said I would want to read the scriptures that she marked in Revelation and throughout her Bible.  Afterwards, everything began to happen to me.  I have been raised Baptist all my life and find that the Protestant beliefs about the 144,000/Revelation do not match with my experiences.  These people feel a literal cleansing/burning in their bodies and feel their guilt removed.  The best way I can explain it is that they receive a type of perfection.  As you can imagine, my Baptist church did not want to hear about what happened to me.  I do not believe that these people are the only people who go to heaven when they die.  The difference is that most of us in Christ literally die and go on to be with the Lord and some are allowed to remain on earth.  Those who remain on earth sing a "new song (a type of perfection)" before the throne.  They are taught by God and he places His Law on their minds.  In other words, keeping the Law (literally) becomes very easy for them.  However, they are tormented by Satan, primarily during sleep.  At first, it is very scary but after awhile, they begin to get used to it and ignore Satan's tactics.  It is serious spiritual warfare.  I hope this helps anybody who wants to know more about who these people are and what happens to a person who has been allowed to remain on earth.  By the way, I am a female, stay at home mom.  By the way, it can be a very lonely spritiual walk.

anonymous wrote at 2017-03-14 17:08:25
I knew a man with a white mark upon his right hand the size of a coriander seed, the holy spirit guided me to revelations2.17 the hidden manna the same hidden manna as put into the ark of the covenant, the seed of Abraham,the seed of which bruises the heel from genesis.

Sadly this man died at a young age then his offspring inherited the same mark in the same place upon the right hand the next generation of the chosen elect, sadly it is all bunk that jehovahs witnesses preach that just a feeling in your bones means you are the chosen one that is not TRUE, the truth is that Jesus Christ seals the chosen elect with the hidden manna.

Please do not curse the chosen elect as they may curse back, they are the only ones allowed to judge and yes Jesus Christ is fulfilling prophecy, soon there may well be a great tribulation peoples faith will be tested and attempts made to fool them even the chosen ones, many who see the truth will be saved unfortunately some don't see but don't lose heart faith is all we need do less sin and follow the ten commandments.


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