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As an adherent in Catholicism, what do you believe the meaning and purpose to life is? Do you agree with the official teachings of the Catholic church or do you express similar, alternative beliefs?


Hi Aaron,
   I believe the most basic purpose(s) of life are to know, to love, to serve God, as a means to be prepare to be eternally happy with Him in the next according to His Grace and Will.

  To say one is Catholic, is to say I am a Christian, who confesses and believes the fullness of truth as God requires of us.
   I am a Catholic.
         your servant but His first


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George A. Card,sfo, M.I


I am willing to attempt to answer any question. If I donít know the answer, I will look-up or pass the question on to friends for feed back. Beside Catholicism (especially the social/moral and the Eastern rites), I am well read on Mormonism and so-called Modern Christian Fundamentalism. Also I study Franciscan History as means of growing in my lay Franciscan calling to holiness in Christ.


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