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as an adherent in Catholicism, why do you believe God created us and what do you believe as a catholic, is the meaning and purpose to life and also, do you express any alternative or differing opinions of the official teachings of the catholic church.

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I really cannot imagine what would be more central to defining the purpose of one's life without reference to the purpose that our Creator has for us.  There really is something to be said for knowing that purpose (as readily can be gleaned from any Catechism, namely that we are created to be able to enjoy God forever) and remaining within it.  If there is any one thing I wish to have accomplished in life, it is to have done whatever God has put me here on this earth to do.  To finish life without having done that is like going on a long trip and only realizing after the plane one is on has taken off what vitally important thing one forgot to do or pack before leaving home.
Anything else may be of interest to ourselves, but ultimately that is all stuff we all necessarily leave behind, so there is no sense getting needlessly attached to any of that.


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