I am a Filipino and am a devoted roman Catholic.
I am very sad to tell you how many Catholics still believes in Superstitions yet they are frequent churchgoers.
Even how much you explain to them that superstitions are works of evil and they are unreal, they will still stick to the belief that you'll not lose anything if you believe in superstitions.
My question is, Is there a way that the Catholic priests/ Churches in our country to focus and convince these superstitious beliefs are not true and acts of sin? Believe me, We are bombarded with these false and irrational beliefs.

Thank you.

All they need to do is read their catechism.  However, these superstitions yet have a powerful force in many countries.  If they really thought about it, they'd realize how contrary to Christ's teaching this kind of thing is.

We are not talking here so much about silly superstitions (e.g., triskaidekaphobia), but a fundamental paganism that is found in certain cultures, such as the Mexican.  For a few centuries Mexico became Christian, but one can easily seen how, since Vatican II, it has reverted back substantially to its original paganism (Aztec, Mayan), which was so bad as to include human sacrifice.


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