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Catholics/Am I considered a satanist?


There are two reasons that I believe may class me as a satanist.
Please note: I do not mean to offend anyone of any religion!

One- I believe that it was Satan that created free will. For in Genesis, God did forbid Adam and Eve to eat from one tree in Eden, it was Satans doing that lead them to the freedom of eating whatever they wanted.

Two- this may not make me a satanist but I have met a few Christians that have hated me forth is belief. I believe that Judas did no wrong! God tricked Judas in to deceiving Jesus then punished him for doing this. Would you tell someone your son went to school with to steal his lunchbox and then give him detention for it, even though it was you that made him do it???

Thank you and I eagerly await your response!


You are not a Satanist, but you hold some mistaken beliefs.

First, God created free will.  Free will is a capacity to chose one thing over another.  God created everything, including Satan and free will.  He gave some creatures (such as angels and humans) the capacity to make choices.  He did not give this to other creatures (such as trees and rocks).  Satan did lead them to make the wrong decision, but it is an error in logic to say he created what was (necessarily) already present.

Second, I have no idea why you say that God tricked Judas into betraying Jesus.  There is no where in the Bible where such an idea is held.  Judas betrayed Jesus out of his own free will as a result of his greed.  Any of the other 11 apostles could have betrayed Jesus.  None of them did.  Judas didn't have to betray Jesus.  God did not make him do it.  The devil did not make him do it.  No one made him do it but himself.

Furthermore, it is wrong even to say that God punished Judas.  Judas punished himself by committing suicide.  He could have gone to Jesus and asked for forgiveness, which is what Peter and Thomas did.  Instead, out of his own free will and guilt, he decided to punish himself by cutting himself off from that mercy by means of suicide.

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