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I wonder if it would be wise as a Catholic who is free to marry in the Church to consider marrying a convert to Catholicism who was divorced once and then had an unsuccessful marriage to a 2d woman who eventually became alcoholic and died (had some mental health issues too).  I am unaware of converts other than New Gingrich who married a third time with success.

If you are free to marry, and the convert is as well, there is nothing to prevent your marriage.  However, two divorces does constitute a warning signal, and if he is serious about this marriage, I would definitely ask that some counseling be done before marriage.  It may very well be that the problems were with his partners, but you'd like to be sure there isn't something about him that is going to make a lasting marriage difficult.  Besides Newt Gingrich there are several other people who have made a success of their third marriage, after failure of the first two.  If I were you, I'd sure like to know why the first divorce occurred.  Obviously you can't tell about the second.  


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