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I have a question about confessing sins of impurity.  What is an appropriate and tactful way to go about this in confession. Do you simply have to state the sin and the number of times or do you have to tell the circumstances surrounding the sin too.  I read the following passage on a website about confession.  (When confessing sins of impurity, it is neither necessary nor wise to go into details unless the circumstances change the nature of the sin.)  Well my question is what circumstances change the nature of sins of impurity?  For example would a entertaining impure thoughts during mass be more of a sin than entertaining impure thoughts at home?  Would one have to say I've had impure thoughts during mass or would just saying I've had impure thoughts be sufficient?


It sounds like you're right on.  Another circumstance you didn't mention would be the case where somebody celebrates a Sacrament while in a state of mortal sin agaianst purity.  This is confessed as a "sacrilege."  But God can always forgive us ALL our sins which we are truly sorry for, repent, and make a firm purpose of ammendment.  Never be afraid to approach the Sacrament of Confession, even if you fall into sin again... always strive, never despair.

Fr. Timothy Johnson


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