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Me and my wife are both Roman Catholic.I got married in May 2010.A few months after my marriage I consulted the doctor (Urologist)since I could not consummate the marriage. I used to get Erections and Ejaculations prior to the marriage.But intercourse (penetration )was not achieved since the strength and duration of the erection was not sufficient.I didn't know I had a problem prior to my marriage.It's only after we attempted intercourse and failed repeatedly that I suspected something was wrong. Anyways my Erectile Dysfunction was surgically treatable by a venous ligation surgery. I even went for a followup 11months after the surgery and did a CDDU (special type of doppler scan with a drug - Papavarine injected into the base of the penis.This proved I now have good erectile function and the surgery was a success.Since I did not know and could not have known about my condition prior to marriage (since I've never attempted pre marital sex ) there is no fraud. Also my impotence was surgically correctable and I am OK now. However my wife has asked the Metropolitan Tribunal for annulment since the marriage is unconsummated. I however love her and want to continue the relationship. Will the church give her the annulment based on Canon Law or will it uphold our marriage.To begin with we loved each other. I still love her.We made a promise - In sickness & In Health. I was sicke ie had a congenital Erectile Dysfunction Problem. But now I am well . Please give me your honest and valuable opinion. Thank U and God Bless.

Hi, Alf...

Very well medically presented and documented case.
I gather that you and your wife at some point did have complete sex with penetration in a human manner (penis/viginal sex). At the first moment that happened, that was the consummation of the marriage.

Fr. Timothy Johnson


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