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barbqman wrote at 2013-02-01 05:45:11
Not quite true that Catholics don't separate talking to the dead from talking to the living. The Church canonizes certain especially holy men and women based on extensive study of their lives and a number of other things, for example, if they have died for their faith. Canonization is the declaration by the Church, that the individual is in the presence of God, in heaven. Note that Catholics believe that people do not automatically go to heaven immediately after death. While nothing can separate us from the love of God, we can choose not to go to heaven even after baptism and accepting Jesus as our Savior because we do not loose free will by becoming Christian. Individuals that have been canonized are referred to as Saints. (Note that the Church does not "make" someone a saint, it simply declares the person has lived such a holy life or died for their faith that they are now in heaven. Since they are in heaven and with God we can ask them to pray for us in the same way that we ask our friends still living on earth to pray for us. We do not idolize or adore the Saints, rather we honor them and ask for their assistance in living a life according to God's will.  


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