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There is a little background to the question... I was on vacation with my family, and my brother was doing his job of annoying me.  He was laying on a bed, and so I decided to respond by throwing my cellphone at his rear-end.  Because of his position, I considered the fact that I might hit his testicles, but decided that wouldn't happen because, it just wouldn't.  Well, like many other things, I was wrong, and managed to make some contact.  Is this something that should be brought up in confession?  I know that an accident by nature does not include full consent of will, but does the fact that I considered a possible (undesired) outcome and then continued through with my action change anything as far as my culpability?  

Thank you for your time Father.

Hi Stephen,

When asked this type of question, I always tell people that if a particular thought or action is weighing on your heart and conscience enough that you feel the need to ask if you should confess it, then you need to go ahead and include it in your next confession.
Although you may find it difficult, the next time your brother "annoys you," try responding in a loving, peaceful way.  Hope this helps.

Pax Christi!  


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