I went to a Priest and ask him to bless my benedictic-medals.
He just gave a blessing without wearing his stola (or whatever Priest are supposed to wear). He also said that it is enough to just bless instead of doing the traditional exorcism of the medals. I am a bit confused. Is this really ok?

Hello, Hank - and thanks for the question.

Without wanting to seem in any way critical of the particular Priest you descibe, I want to assure you that what he did in terms of a basic blessing is "ok"; nevertheless, I fail to understand why he (or any Priest, really) would tend to be dismissive on the matter of wearing a stole if possible, or even of carrying out the traditional blessing of the St. Benedict's Medal with its exorcism, et al.
Of course it is one thing not to have the stole, or even this particular exorcism/blessing, at hand and available - for which reason one would not wish to be judgmental or critical of the actions of the Priest.
I think that we can all agree that ideally the Priest would wish to be vested in cassock & surplice, or alb, either one, with stole (usually purple); have Holy Water handy, as well as the text of any necessary or desirable prayers.  It is also sometimes possible to catch the Priest after a Mass or liturgical service where he is already dressed in the vestments of the day of the celebration; though this will always be contingent upon his actual availability, as it can happen that a Priest must rush off to the next thing, not so much by his own choice, as by the necessity of circumstances.
You would be perfectly within your rights to arrange for the Exorcism/Blessing of the Medals with another Priest.  It would not be wise and quite unnecessary to bring up your feelings of disappointment with the previous Priest.  You could ask the other Priest if it would be alright with him if you supplied the text for the prayers, as well as anything else that would bring more nobility and celebration to the occasion.  The only factor here is our lack of ability to change or control the actions or reactions of any Priest with these sorts of things.  I honestly wish you the very best success.  God bless you!

Fr. Timothy Johnson


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