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Catholics/Can a Child Be Baptized if the Parents Are Not Catholic?


If a catholic marries a protestant in a non catholic church can a child of such a marriage be baptised in a catholic church as a catholic. Must the parents be remarried in a catholic beforehand.?

A Catholic marrying a Protestant in a non-Catholic church is automatically excommunicated.  Therefore, with one parent being a heretic and the other parent being an excommunicate, there is no assurance that the child will be educated in the Catholic Faith and practice the Catholic Faith.  If the parents are willing to support a Catholic (say, a relative) as the child's sponsor, who takes the grave responsibility of ensuring the child's active religious education and the practice of the Catholic Faith, it may be possible to baptize the child.  This would be a matter to bring before a traditional Catholic priest for a judgment.  If you do not have such a priest, there is a geographical directory available at


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