If God is Love then why does He let people who pray to him find no consolation whatsoever. And why does He refuse to do something about their situation even if they nearly become suicidal?

ANSWER: Dear Andrew,

sometimes life is very hard and we may feel depressed; we may see no solutions to our troubles and sufferings. However I firmly believe that the Lord always loves us, and He knows our sufferings. I do not know your situation, so I cannot add much.
I can only say that when I am sad I usually find consolation in prayer; sometimes this consolation is greater and sometimes smaller; it depends much on my inner disposition.
I know that it is not always easy to pray with all our heart, but when I do that, I feel a great consolation.

Your brother in Christ,


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What do you do when there is no or very little consolation in prayer?

Dear Andrew,

I try to pray more, simply explaining to the Lord how I feel and the reasons why I am suffering.
I think it may help also talking to a trusted friend.
Personally I find some comsolation also in listening to music.

Your brother in Christ,



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