Is admiring a celebrity considered idolatry? Does idol always mean being worshipped as a god? So when people ask us who is our idol,  what should we say!

Idolatry is the worshipping of a created object as a God.  For example, worshipping the invalid Novus Ordo "bread" as the Body and Blood of Christ is objectively idolatry.  So, in additional to all its other faults, the New Order sect is, at least objectively, composed of idolaters.

Simply to admire someone for his good qualities is not idolatry.  But, in prudence, one must realize that all human beings are imperfect, and one should not admire someone too much, as he may turn out to have "clay feet."  Even popes, who might seem virtuous on the surface, can be committing the most immoral of acts, such as the present one, who has repeatedly suborned acts of paedophilia.

It would be prudent to refrain from calling someone an "idol."  Say simply that you admire such and so apparent characteristic.  One should worship only the Lord God, remembering Psalm 13:  "There is none that doth good, no, not one."


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