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Padre, I have been thinking a scary thought for some time.
What would happen if I did something very bloody with myself, eg suicide? I don't really want to do this but I have been just thinking about what would happen if I did this. What do Catholicism teach about this?

ANSWER: Hi, Johnny:

The 5th Commandment says: You shall not commit murder.
This includes a prohibition to go against your natural instinct of self-preservartion by commiting murder on yourself, i.e. killing yourself.
Catholicism resonates with the Positive Natural Law of God on this matter.
All I will say to you is: "Don't kill yourself..."
God bless you; and I pray you will get some professional help for yourself if these thoughts and ideations persist.

Fr. Timothy Johnson

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QUESTION: Why should I even care about doing something about these feelings/thoughts when God hasn't helped me before? I want to life a good life but I am really angry with the Lord. There seem to be no help in religion for me. Why even care about taking help from the Catholic Church?

Johnny, I don't know what else to tell you...

While I would encourage and recommend that you not give up on God and prayer, I actually told you that I thought you ought to seek professional psycholgical or psychiatric help - and I still recommend it.  Religion actually can be very helpful; but perhaps there are other basic human issues you need to address prior to coming to any greater appreciation of religion as such.  I wish you well, and truly feel sorry that you are so afflicted with these thoughts and ideations at this time.
I am certain there are people who love and appreciate you in ways that you are perhaps not even fully aware.  It is a sad shame when anybody takes it upon themselves to take themselves out of the picture of life.  You were created and born for a purpose, to live your life here and now to the full.  This is your challenge.  I pray you come to discover it.  I wish you the very best!  May God bless you... He does love you more than you know or can imagine.

Fr. Timothy Johnson


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