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I heard somewhere that Jesus'es head needs to be leaning to the right in order for it to be correct in the truth of His death especially for Catholics for authenticity of His crucifixion. Any truth to this for us Catholics? Recently I was in a very liberal Catholic Church (when new churches were being built) etc. Clearly His head was to the left. By the way this church was built using design by Frank Lloyd Wright. (very little in it to give you the feeling that it is indeed a Catholic Church)many were built like that many decades back 80's, 90,s etc. (no kneelers)etc. Our new Bishop arrived in 2000 required all churches to install (in 5 yrs)

Hi, Gladys:

Thank you for your comments.
This matter of whether Jesus' head is portrayed leaning over to the right or left upon His death seems rather esoteric to me, and well outside my area of expertise on such minute detail.
If you have any more insights to share on the matter, it could be interesting to read.  I believe that it is safe to say that an artist does best when emulating forms and styles of the past in some way that have a continuity back to good form and tradition.
Have a great day and many blessings!

Fr. Timothy Johnson


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