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How exactly are the Pauline and Petrine Privlidges invoked. I gather that some decree or ceremony from the diocese is needed or a civil divorce is needed before the Catholic party just goes and marries someone else.

In short, what canonical procedures are involved in invoking the Pauline and Petrine privileges?

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ps. in the case where lets say a woman convert from Judaism was married, divorced and then converts, may I assume that no canonical rulings are needed? Note, I also want to know about the status of say a muslim who gets married in Islam, converts and then wants to separate from the unbelieving wife or in the case of a catholic who marries a wiccan with a dispensation and then wants to invoke one of these privileges.

I must admit that I did not know anything about any ceremonies involved, only that the case is investigated by the same sort of Marriage Rota as would investigate any sort of Marriage annulment case, but then just use different rules for these rare circumstances.  I would assume that the principle item needed would be the generation of some sort of document, the Catholic equivalent of a secular nation's divorce decree, but what that would look like or actually be called, or what else might be necessary would be outside what I can provide.  A cleric would be best for that; I recommend Fr. Michael as the safest bet.
I should point out however that the Pauline and Petrine privileges would not apply to the case of a person getting a divorce before converting, only to someone who converts and then is forced to get this divorce either because of a threat of violence or else because of abandonment, specifically on account of their conversion to the Faith.  It also would not apply to someone married by the Church though not a Catholic (with a dispensation) who then converts.


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