Is it safe to assume that everything Satan does is in spite of God? And if so, how might Satan conduct himself if there were no God to revolt against?

Very complicated question.  First, why does Satan do what he does?  Because he has chosen to follow his own will rather than God's.  That is "rebellion".  That doesn't mean that there are times when he does something that God wants as well; but when it comes to his will vs. God's, he chooses his way.  And Satan encourages us to do likewise, as he did Adam and Eve.  If there were no God to revolt against, Satan would still be looking out for himself and choosing his own will.  His choices might be different, because at present he is aware of God's will and if there were no God, this would not color his decision.  The end result of Satan or you or I, following our own will rather than God's is that we will end up separated from God for all eternity, which is what hell is all about.  Humans (and angels) are designed to be completed by union with God, and when this doesn't happen, we live in a state of eternal incompleteness, eternal longing, eternal pain.  


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