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The resurrected Jesus is supposed to be a living human being, that one you could see and touch. After his resurrection where did his clothing come from? No ones says anything about him being naked. He had a "spiritual?" wardrobe? Adam and Eve are innocent and naked until the Fall. How come Jesus is clothed?
That is part of being human after the Fall? I'm confused.

Charles, you have asked a question completely new to me.
As you mentioned, after His resurrection, Jesus showed Himself reunited with his wounded body.  John 20:6-7 recounts that Peter found the burial clothes and face covering in the tomb.  Before the crucifixion, Jesus was stripped of garments.  The customs and mores of the time expected and required clothing.  If Jesus had not been clothed, we certainly would have heard about it.  I know of no scripture or tradition about the source of His post-resurrection clothing.
I am not sure what you intend by "spiritual" clothing, but the clothing would have to have been material/visible.
I do not see a valid comparison/parallelism between the clothing of Jesus after His resurrection and the clothing of Adam and Eve after the original sin of rebellion [which affected humanity spiritually and bodily].  My reasoning would be that Jesus was not affected by that sin when He chose to wear clothes in the pre-resurrection time.  Jesus wore clothes during His pre-resurrection life.  So, He continued to do the same afterwards.  How the fact of the clothes worn after the resurrection came about, seems beyond the content of divine revelation.
Thanks for writing, Charles.  I wish that I could offer more details.  
Nice to hear from you.  May God bless you.  


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