QUESTION: I am a man who often feel sad and need to weep.
It's like the sadness and weeping is some kind of consolation (although it's sometimetimes just too much)
Believing in Jesus is so difficult for me but I try.
People tell me that it's human to weep and even Pope Francis talked about it. This can't just be some kind of psychological weeping. This is way greater.
What kind of wisdom can the Catholic Church give me?

ANSWER: Hi, Andrew:

Remember Jesus says in the Beatitudes: Blessed are those who mourn...
and it sounds like you have received some affirmation and consolation from the words of Pope Francis.  Thanks for sharing your experience with the Church...

Fr. Johnson

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: So weeping is seen in the Catholic Church as a gift from God?

Hi, again, Andrew:

Since this is a pastoral question and not one pertaining to defined, dogmatic faith, one has a lot more leeway to find meaning in his own personal experiences.
Perhaps in some way the ability to weep in the presence of God is some kind of a gift, if it is in some way moving our minds and emotions to a closer consideration of God and His presence all around us and in our lives.
Take the time to pray and weep in God's presence: That certainly seems to me to be a very good thing, as prayer is lifting up our minds and hearts to God in conversation...

Fr. Johnson


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