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Fr Tim,

Trust me, this is not a "Halloween" question, but one that I have been curious about for quite some time.

Like many people (I thinků) I have a very particular weakness in my moral character that keeps me from being the person that I strive to be and that I believe God wants me to be.  It's not "horrible" like a child molester or anything, but bad enough to make me feel estranged from God.

Coincidentally, I also suffer from "tenesmus" which, if I have spelled it correctly, is the medical term for never having the feeling that one has completely emptied one's bowels.

I am curious as to whether or not the Church believes that it is possible for a "demon" to set up residency in a particular part of a human being's body -- in my case, the colon or large intestine?  I apologize to  be "gross" but I have often wondered if one really big "fart" would get it out of there and solve a lot of my problems.

I know this sounds silly as hell, but I promise this is no whacky question.  As a Catholic, I know the Church believes in the possibility of demonic possession of a human body.  I guess my question is whether or not that possession can be localized to a particular spot in the body, or is it "overall"?

If you have not dismissed me as a total nutcase, then I would appreciate your expertise.  Thank you.

Hi, Mike:

Happy All Saints Day!
The question you ask is not something I have any familiarity with.  What you describe does not seem to me it would fall under the category of "possession" in the classical sense and understanding; for when a demon possesses the entire person, it has to do with dominationover the entire being (body and soul) of the afflicted individual.  If there is demonic activity in a particular part of the body as you describe, this would certainly be of a different nature.
Praying for a healing from your condition would certainly be a normal and traditional Catholic practice that through God's healing power you might regain your full and proper health.
I hope that you will be able to find relief from your particular affliction...

Fr. Timothy Johnson


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