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Can a Roman Catholic be a member of the Roman Catholic Church and a member of the Anglican Church at the same time.  I use to be a member of the Anglican Catholic Church until recently.  Born a Roman Catholic but an Anglican for 15 years; very involved in both religions; left the Anglican faith because of the fighting that went on (I was on the vestry, altar guild -- some people did not like the priest and wanted him out of the church).  I returned to the Roman Catholic church but do miss the Anglican liturgy.  I am "torn" between  the two.

Thanks for your question.  Honestly, I can't say with authority if you can be a member of the both the RC Church and Anglican Church at the same time.  In my research on your question, here's one person (non-authoritative) who says 'yes' to your question:

Here's what I'd suggest, however --

I'm pleased to hear that you returned to the Catholic Church from which the Anglican Church sprang from over 400 years ago.  In a lot of SC parishes (and in NC where I'm at), Lighthouse Catholic Media, a non-for-profit has audio CDs by lay as well as clergy that are tremendous resources that you may obtain in several ways:  a lot of SC parishes have the kiosk in the vestible, take advantage of them (and please leave a $3 donation).  

Or, you can subscribe to the CD of the Month Club which for $5/month, sends you a CD to your home.  You can learn more or sign up at  For less than a Starbucks tall coffee, you can come to learn more of your Catholic faith in a significant manner.  Or you may shop the CDs and choose your own at .

And if you like, I know a woman in SC who would give you advice -- she lives in Rock Hill, SC and would provide you her name and ph# if you like.

I hope this helps you.  Follow up questions and evaluations are welcomed!
God bless,


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