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If early Christianity did not have apocalyptic origins, how do you explain the end time warnings in the earliest entry into the New Testament, Paul's letter 1 Thessalonians, and the first gospel of Mark? These do not appear in the much later gospel of John?

Briefly, Charles, two general observations relate to an interpretation that the early Church believed/taught an imminent parousia:
1 -- the unknown date of the second coming -- see Mk 13:33; Mt 24:36.
2 -- In some gospel passages, the destruction of the temple and the second coming are sometimes intermingled -- the first prefigures the second.  See Mt 24:1-25:46
Actually, 1 Thes 4:13ff is a warning against expecting an imminent second coming.
That some may have thought or hoped for an imminent parousia due to the terrible happenings, no official teaching proclaimed that but warned against it.
I hope these thoughts are helpful.  I welcome your comments/questions.
Best wishes for a blessed Christmas and a grace-filled New Year.


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