Dear Fr. Johnson,
My husband's family came from Italy and before my father-in-law died, he gave my husband a crucifix that had been in the family a long time.  Recently, my husband discovered the crucifix's end unscrews and swivels open.  Inside is what appears to be the name of Saints along with a tiny piece of 'material' under each name.  I do have a picture of the inside if that would help.  Thin brass colored metal is 'corkscrewed' all around the inside along with little pieces of silver colored, diamond cut metal dividing each Saint's name.  We would like to make sure we treat this is the manner we should and want the family to understand how precious it is, but we don't really know what we have.  My husband is 73 and is anxious to understand what his father has passed on to him.  Thank you so much for any help you can give us.  Jen

Hi, Jen:

Thanks for the question.
It sounds like your Father-in-Law had a nice treasure there.  My best guess is that the little pieces of material (cloth?) are 3rd Class Relics: Probably pieces of cloth touched to the body of the Saints?  Or 4th Class Relics: Touched to some item from the life of the Saint?
The names are surely the names of the Saints; and maybe there is some sort of script that are "authentications" of the relics.

Fr. Timothy Johnson


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