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Lately I have to question why God can allow the Devil to be so powerful, so powerful that his temptations no matter how hard you pray, still wins the battle and you sin.  Also, if God is perfect why does he allow so many to be Gay or Lesbian. If we are made to His image and likeness then why are these things so overwhelming.

I struggle with my faith every day, there are days I feel like giving up or not even wanting to acknowledge God. I curse at Him, I make fun of Him, I make fun and ridicule people who believe in such madness...but there is always something there pulling and tugging at my heart. We all are on different journeys spiritually, it won't be complete until our physical life is over.

I can't give you an answer why things are the way they are, but I do trust it's His purpose on why. Some people will give you more in depth answer to this, but it is mere subjective no matter what. Just love Him and love others, be still and listen. I would recommend seeing a priest about this, ask him these same questions.



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Shawn Hughes


I can answer questions regarding the Apologetics side of the Roman Catholic Church, mainly to help those who are struggling with the faith or people who recently converted who have questions of Catholicism. My main reasoning in doing this is to clear up the misconceptions of the Church to Americans, specifically those from Protestant faiths who have strayed from Rome.


I have a BA in Religious Studies and have wrote many essays and papers on the Roman Catholic Church, specifically geared to the Apologetics side. I have studied in-depth the Early Church Fathers, the teachings of the Church, and can give anywhere from a elementary answers to more of an academic approach to help those asking.

Knights of Columbus, Opus Dei

Have not had anything published, but have multiple papers and essays on Catholicism that I would share with anyone whom would want to read them, just ask! :)

BA in Religious Studies from American Public University, also will be working on my MA in Sacred Theology.

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