Hello, is there any Catholic priest who says that sorcery is not real?!
James Burton Coffman says that sorcery is not real, but he is not Catholic, so is there any Catholic prist who held the same opinion?

The Catholic Church does not have an "official" position as to whether sorcery is real or not, so I am sure if you were to ask a lot of priests you'd find a few who do think that it is real.  But I don't know of any.  The other issue is what you mean by sorcery.  If you mean that people can learn to use spiritual powers (especially demonic ones) to get what they want, I don't think anyone in the Church would believe that, because Jesus promised that his followers would be immune to attacks of the devil.  On the other hand, if you believe that demonic powers can cause effects in this world (under their own control, not ours) then I think you'd find a lot of people who believe that in theory, because of their own experiences.  Hope this helps.  


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