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QUESTION: Don't you think that many in thr Church are to naive (and living a fantasy). Most of the Catholics I've spiken with are people who just like to touch/grab you on the shoulder and say don't worry mate cause everything will be alright. And just say hello, maybe for you but I live in this harsh lonesome realiyy where things don't get well.
What do you think?

ANSWER: It appears that you are not talking to (traditional) Catholics, but members of the New Order sect, which is not Catholic, although they still incorrectly call themselves "Catholic."  For a geographical list of truly Catholic churches, where you can get the straight information, reference

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QUESTION: I was actually talking to both NO Catholic and traditional Catholics.
But I think I understand what you mean.
Aren't even traditional Catholic sometimes too positive?

Positivity is what comes when you have the true Faith, true worship, true doctrine, and true morality.  Those who are trying to construct a New Order don't really know what they believe.  They make it up as they go along.  This is a feature of Modernism.


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