greetings father,
i am an alter server in a small village parish church in Scotland. unlike many alter servers and also due to my size and other factors, i wear an actual priest's alb. is there a vesting prayer that is said when a priest/ server puts on an alb?
a priest friend of mine is taking me to a shop in Rome to buy a new one, as the zip on the alb that i currently wear has come away from the alb itself.
so I'm getting a new one in Rome with a design on the bottom of it. the alb i currently wear doesn't have one.
is there a vesting prayer for alter servers? (sorry for repeating)
we do not wear cassocks and surplices. i could only find alter server vesting prayers for the cassock, and surplice.
thanks for your help and god bless
william  +

The reason that you cannot find the prayers is that there are none.  It is prohibited for a layman to wear the alb.  This is a vestment restricted to those in Holy Orders.  We have the
impression that you are not referring to the true Mass (Traditional Latin Mass), but the invalid, Protestantized Novus Ordo service.  If so, you need to get away from that
entirely, as it is not Catholic.  When you find the true Mass, you will not be asked to do things contrary to the Faith.


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