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Recently I went to confession and re-confessed some old sins and my regular confession.  At the end the priest asked me what bothered me most about what I had confessed.  I think he could probably tell I was over worried about the past sins.  Emotionally I was most bothered by the old sins and not feeling forgiven.  But I knew I should be more worried about my biggest sin right now.  So I said gossiping.

He must have known that I didn't tell him exactly what was bothering me because most of his advice had to do with my past sins and how God forgives and loves me and to move on.

Anyway now I'm worried that I lied and ruined my whole Confession.  I didn't mean to lie.  I think I was just caught off guard by his question and I think I was nervous to talk to him about it.  Do I have anything I should confess from this?

Hello, Anon.

Thanks for the question.
I don't think your fear and discomfort within that particular celebration of the Sacrament of Penance "ruined" anything...  It was a moment that you experienced as awkward, and did not feel like answering the Priest's question directly.  Probably the Priest realized what was going on, and maybe even felt bad that he had asked you a question that made you feel uncomfortable.  Clearly by addressing past sins, he was merely resonating with the very fact that you had re-confessed past sins that bothered you, in order to express sorrow anew for them to receive God's Grace in the Sacrament to heal past memories, and further strengthen you into future action and virtue.
I resonate with the Priests advice: "God forgives and loves you.  Move on."
I want you to understand that I am not criticizing you for bringing up past sins to again express sorrow for them - this is a good and acceptable practice.  Only realize that God is good and forgiving, and He loves you so much that He wants to let His forgiving love flow all over you.  I can only encourage you to keep up the practice of regular confession, and take the time to bring up to the Priest whatever is stirring in your soul so that he can speak words of comfort and assurance to you.
May Peace be with you, Anon!  God loves you.

Fr. Timothy Johnson


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