May my wife manually bring me to a climax within the context of the marriage act if I am impotent?  Because of a prostate surgery (a TURP), ejaculation is into the bladder.

Hi, John:

I'm not particularly familiar with all of the medical details, and not being a medical doctor, I can't claim to speak from experience at this level. Even though the ejaculation takes place into the bladder, is it possible to have the penis in the vagina in some manner?  My understanding is that orgasm is to take place in this context.  I would recommend yo continue to look at this situation from many angles, and particularly with a medical doctor who has familiarity with basic natural law ethics and morality.  Health conditions can certainly be a cross and a trial for us in so many different ways.  I hope you are able to find a helpful and morally acceptable manner in which to resolve this situation in a healthy manner.
God bless you during this Lent!

Fr. Timothy Johnson


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