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Catholics/Mass extinctions and mass epidemics again


Q: Why have there been mass extinctions and mass epidemics?
 A: Suffering and death exists in the world because of our sins.

This is the most ridiculous answer imaginable.
Dinosaurs roamed and dominated this Earth long before humans. And dinosaurs suddenly died out in vast numbers. It was not because of sin. It was because of a large meteorite. Here is my question: How can you possibly believe such nonsense that sin brought about death in the light of modern science?

Dear Charles,

first of all, when I mentioned suffering and death, I referred only to human suffering and death.
Besides, God lives outside time and space and He knows all the future.
When God created the universe, He already knew that man would have sinned, and the universe was designed and created for man. The fact that the universe is so big in space and so ancient in time, with respect to human spatial and temporal dimention, can be interpreted as an image of God's superiority. So, the extinctions of dinosaurs is simply a part of God's design to prepare an earth where man could have lived. Of course I cannot know why God has cretaed an universe like this instead of a different one; only God knows.
As far as modern science is concerned, you can find my thoughts about it in the link I gave you in my previous answer.

Your brother in Christ,



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