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I have a question about number and kind in confession.  I remember learning to confess number and kind as a little kid.  When I made my first confession my family was going to the "strict"  SSPX church.  Then I remember going to my first confessions at about 4th grade and I feel that I got the impression not to do the number in confessions.  I was told God doesn't expect you to remember everything, you are not a computer.   Anyway I got in the habit not specifically stating the number.  I feel like I kind of  give the impression most times if it is something that has happened once or twice or if it is a repeated behavior.  Is that enough?  If not, I am a little frustrated that no one has ever said anything, even when I am obviously confessing mortal sins.  I have not purposely omitted the number to be defiant it is just the way I'm used to saying confession for 25 years.  It is hard to get in the habit of saying I've done this X amount of times.  Once I get in there I get really nervous and I just say my list.  Do I invalidate my confessions when I don't say the number, if I am truly trying to make an honest confession?

Hi, Anon:

If you remember the exact number, by all means, give it.
If you don't remember the exact number, just try to give the closest approximate number of times that seems reasonable.
You invalidate your confession only by deliberately seeking to hold back or conceal any matters dealing with grave sins.
Remember: The celebration of the sacrament of Penance is an opportunity to approach and experience the love, mercy, and healing forgiveness of God through the redeeming and atoning work of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Open your mind and heart to God in the Sacrament of Reconciliation through the Priest God has provided for you to be there, at that time and moment for you.  Have TRUST in God's goodness for you and His desire to bless and help you with the power of His Divine Grace.  Sincerely,

Fr. Timothy Johnson


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