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good day father. i have two unrelated questions for you.

first off

may a catholic in any sense of the term renew their marriage vows (there is a renewel of baptismal vows) and what form should or could it take if so.

secondly i have a friend who is traditional catholic (not new order) who is trying to get a pro life club started. now this requires him to be present at certian non catholic religious rites such as meetings of university christian fellowships. Now when i say he is present I mean that as distinct from attending or participating. essentially he does what a Traditional Catholic would do if say they had to attend a relitive's wedding or funneral (he essentially sat in the back away from the crowd, he neither stands up nor sits down he even spoke to the people incharge of these groups and had them make the announcement for him and explained why he couldnt do so himself.)Now my friend hates doing this, but he does feel that it must be done (also there is really no one else to do it and trust me, there isnt). He says that he fully intends to still do it just to get the job done and then hopefully NEVER do it again. He intends to bring it up to his confessor as soon as he can get to confession again. He however asked me to email you to ask how serious his actions were as he is interiorly tormented by this (he feels like if he continues to do this he betrays his faith and if he dosent he allows the murder of unborn children to continue without a fight) and to ask your advice for any ways that he could get out of this that you could sujest (he worries that if he isnt respectfully present it might offend the people his is trying to ask and they wont join up).
He sujested that maybe simply being present at the receptions and having the minister or heretical cleric make the announcement in the future will work, what do you sujest???)
I look forward to your reply


1) There is a form given in the Rituale Romanum for renewal of marriage vows on certain anniversaries.  The individual should consult his traditional Catholic priest.

2) The second case is not uncommon.  I know of a recent case in which a long-time traditional Catholic pro-life activist was asked to attend a "benediction" service at a local Novus Ordo church to kick off a pro-life march.  She told the Newchurchers that she could not attend because she would be committing idolatry, as she would be worshipping a mere piece of bread.  Later, she reconsidered her participation in the march entirely.

As many traditional popes have warned, this is the evil of syncretism, which the New Ordo sect now praises and calls "oecumenism."  Sycretism is the mixing of religions, as if all were the same.  "We all worship the same god."  "All religions are the same."  The popes have traditionally condemned participation at sycretistic meetings.

It seems that the best solution is to maintain separate organizations.  If, then, different groups march together in a parade, at least that is not worship, but, even then, the odor of syncretism is present.  It is hard to lay down an absolute here, because there is some aspect of civil government outside of the religious aspect.  The best one can say is to avoid sycretism in every way possible.  Otherwise, the soul is pulled onto the downward slope.  Your friend's conscience is telling him something important.  He should listen to it.


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