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Did St Thomas Aquinas write something useful for porn addicts?

ANSWER: In the Summa Theologica, Thomas talked at length about habits and their effect on human freedom.  But since they didn't have porn in those days, he didn't address porn addiction in specific terms.  Here is a web site that might help.

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QUESTION: so when St Thomas Aquinas lived all people were practicing chastity?

Of course not.  They were probably as unchaste then as they are today.  They were certainly more afraid of "going to hell" at least in Europe where the Church had no rivals in terms of morality, and everyone pretty much believed in heaven and hell.  But they didn't have "porn" which is why Thomas didn't address it.  And Thomas in his writings didn't really tell anyone how to overcome problems, he simply described his theories as to why people had problems, what sin was, what human nature was, and so forth.  Porn addiction is kind of a new thing; to be addicting, something has to be available in large quantities and easily accessible.  This required motion pictures, and more recently, the internet.  And laws against porn used to prevent some of it from getting to people.  Now, of course, in this country there are no laws against porn to speak of.  Thomas never imagined porn, let alone porn addiction.  He was not naive, but I'm sure it never crossed his mind.


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