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I am a protestant who is well aware of the fact that a lot of protestant theology is constructed simply to go against catholic theology whether it is right or wrong. My question on 1st Peter 3:18 - 4:6 is that I would like to know exactly, according to catholic theology, who Christ preached to and for what purpose. Thank you very much.

Pete, except for Catholic dogma, there is usually quite a bit of debate within Catholic theology. The debate hinges upon not only personal belief but also recent trends in Biblical scholarship.

So having said that, the New American Bible says that 4:6 could refer to (a) Christ teaching people in prison or (b) to Christians who have since died.

The New Jerome Biblical Commentary says that 3:18-4:6 may refer to the "archetypal angelic sinners...who instigated original sin" (p. 906). It also notes Augustine's interpretation: "Christ in his divine preexistence, preached through Noah to the sinners of the flood" (p. 907).

The Jerome Biblical Commentary says that the dead of 4:1-6 should not be "facilely identified" with the imprisoned spirits of 3:19 (p. 367).

Catholic scholars also note the debates with regard to the authorship of 1 Peter.

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