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I was born out of wedlock, never knowing my real dad. I just read that those born out of wedlock can still be Traditional Roman Catholics. I was watching a sermon by Father Cooper of Saint Thomas Becket Church in Oregon and Father Cooper said that a child born out of wedlock is a bastard and not allowed in the Catholic Church. I'm a Tridentine and Mount Saint Michael's has been like my only real family and I love the Latin Mass. Father Copper's church is supposed to be that of Pope Pious the X in which I think the same goes for the Tridentine Church. Why would a priest say that in front of his entire congregation if it wasn't of importance? What is life if if one cannot be with the One True Church? If a bastard can't be part of the true faith then they're safer not going to another church and condiming their soul with the wrong religion. I'm not sure why an entire sermon was given on children out of wedlock. Could you please help me figure this out? Thank you.

Thanks for your patience while I researched your question.  

I don't know who this Fr. Cooper is, but priests, being human, can be WRONG -- and I think he's wrong in saying that.  

Here's some other opinions:

Dismiss this errant sermon by Fr. Cooper, and go enjoy the Latin Mass again.  Yes, you can be Roman Catholic.  
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