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Are LDS marriages valid? I know that their temple ceremonies are ment to marry people "for eternity" and not just "till death do us part" what is more their docterines are so out to lunch as far as orthodoxy goes that the Newchurch has declared their baptisms invalid even though they have a Trinitarian formula on they grounds that their docterines are so bad that what they do cant be regarded as a Christian baptism (they say this affects the intent)

So in short with

a) questionable baptismal status
b) a change in the marriage vows that clearly alters the meaning.

What should we make of LDS marriages in general???

ps. on an extra note suppose two validly baptized people convert to the LDS and get married in that sect, would that make a difference in the validity of the marriage? How has the true church treated LDS marriages in the past?

First of all, you must make a distinction between sacramental marriage (pertaining to Catholics) and non-sacramental marriage, as pertaining to non-Catholics.  The Mormon situation would be in the latter case.  Certainly unbaptized people can marry validly; it is just not a sacramental marriage.

In the case of the Sacrament of Matrimony, the priest does not impart the Sacrament, as is the case with virtually all of the other Sacraments.  The two parties confer the Sacrament upon each other by the public and witnessed exchange of vows.  In the Catholic Sacrament, the priest is the official witness and, in the Nuptial Mass, imparts the Nuptial blessing, but he does not impart the Sacrament itself.


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